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General guideline for the offer of award


1. Award given to the junior class student (only) by the end of the

academic year(May/June)

2. Award is $100.00-$200.00 and is in the form of gift certificate, such

as from Barn and Noble Book Store, or electronic products.

3. We prefer the awards to be presented in the same ceremony where

academic awards are given to other students

4. Suggested qualification: freshman GPA lower than 2 and the junior year

GPA significantly higher (e.g. over 3). This is flexible. A jump from 0.5

to 2.8 is also good work!

5. The school could pick a marking period in the second semester of the

junior year to conclude the achievement of the students.

6. Two awards ready to be given in 2007 for each participating school

7. We need more than two candidates to select from (a measure against bias)

8. What we need from the high school administration is :

A. Give us their LAST name or their student ID (Don't give full names)

B. Their GPA in 3 years of study and the cumulative GPA, such as:

Student Name -?????

Freshman GPA -?

Sophomore GPA -? Cumulative GPA - ?

Junior GPA -? Cumulative GPA - ?

If a teacher likes to make special recommendation on a particular student,

we would also be pleased to review it.